The combination between Dentons and 大成 is now effective. For information on the firm's global capabilities please visit As a courtesy to clients and others seeking information on the Firm's capabilities in China this website will remain public for several months.


Name Email Position Office
Aijun Wang [email protected] Partner Beijing
Aimin Wang [email protected] Partner Lanzhou
Aishui Xu [email protected] Consultant Lanzhou
Aiwu Wang [email protected] Partner Jinan
Amit Ben-Yehoshua [email protected] Consultant Shanghai
An Xu [email protected] Senior Partner Hangzhou
Anderson Zhang [email protected] Senior Partner Shanghai
Andy Wang [email protected] Partner Shanghai
Anhua Li [email protected] Managing Partner Nanning
Aoshuang Yang [email protected] Partner Shanghai
Baodong Zhao [email protected] Senior Partner Beijing
Baolun Mao [email protected] Partner Zhoushan
Baoshu Li [email protected] Partner Shanghai
Baoyan Yang [email protected] Partner Guangzhou
Bei Huang [email protected] Senior Partner Hefei
Beiyi Ma [email protected] Consultant Shanghai
Bill Shang [email protected] Senior Partner Shanghai
Bin Chen [email protected] Senior Partner Nanjing